Scott Vahey's Nature & Wildlife Gallery

The Photographer

I found a fascination with nature photography at a young age. My parents would take our family every year on trips to see the US national parks. During these trips my father would teach me about photography using his Pentax ME camera. Later during college I was at a camera store and found a used Pentax ME camera that I could call my own. Thus my passion for nature photography really began.

The Equipment

One of my friends showed me his new Canon digital SLR and I was amazed at the photo quality. Also my Pentax ME started to malfunction so I went and bought the Canon 40D. Taking it out on a trial run I found out that it performed no better or worse than the old Pentax ME in picture quality. I did a side by side comparison of pictures by scanning in the film with a Nikon film scanner. The mega pixel was the same and the Canon had a slightly better clarity ( probably because I spent a fortune on good optics). So bottom line is if you have a decent camera buying an expensive new camera will not improve the quality of your photos. It is the photographer that counts.

Bodies: Canon 40D DSLR
Pentax ME
Lenses:Canon 17-40mm f/4 L
Canon 100-400mm f/4 L
Vixen ED80 - 600mm f/7.1
Pentax 50mm
Pentax 24mm
Filters: Lee 4x6" .6 Soft Graduated ND
Lee 4x6" .75 Hard Graduated ND
Polarizing Filter
Misc: Manfrotto 190XPROB Tripod with 488RC0 Head
Celestron CG-5 Computerized Mount